Typical New User Experience?

Below is the typical process a new user goes through.

The Initial HVL Set Up Process

After signing up for a 14 day trial, a new user will be guided through a simple process that will allow you to set up your entire site within a matter of minutes.

The process will walk you through setting up the basics such as your profile which includes information about you and your broker. You can also add all the cities you work in and would want leads from. There is an optional setting to upload a unique background image for each city you add. (more on images later)

After adding the cities you work in, the system will automatically create a unique city page for each of the cities on a sub-domain provided by HVL (Pages have no additional cost and there is no limit).

After a new user completes the initial setup, their site will be live within seconds and the next thing most of our users do is set up a new facebook ad directly from their HVL account.  It is a 2 click process to connect to your Facebook Account.  

Setting up your first FB ad with HVL

Most people assume they have to set up ads manually and figure out what to type up for the ads and dread the idea, but that isn't what happens with us.  You would go to the advertising section of your HVL admin panel and click the Facebook login button which will authorize HVL to set up your ads using best practices via a quick 2 step click process.

After connecting your FB account to HVL you will click the "create ad" button, select one of the pre-defined city URLs from the drop down, select your city, put in a daily budget, and hit the create button. 

The HVL system will create an ad set with 4 variations of a FB ad for you automatically.  FB will automatically start to optimize them.  

Setting up an ad through our advertising tab will also automatically create the FB pixel that is needed to help figure out which of the 4 ads are getting you the cheapest leads.

If you do not get leads within 24 hours of setting up your ad, please ask for help as the majority of our users already have leads coming in at this point.  Also, we are more than happy to go into your ad account and do additional optimization if you would like us to, all you need to do is email in to support and request help.  We typically respond to support tickets within a couple of hours. 

Additional Settings Users Change

  • The HVL URL - the system will provide a sub-domain so your site is live within minutes of signing up, but you are free to use your own domain if you choose. It will involve editing your DNS to create a new ARECORD and CNAME. You can change your URL and get the DNS settings from the main HVL settings page.  You can also request us to change your DNS if you are not familiar with DNS settings.
  • The email and SMS drip campaigns - HVL provides a number of messages that will go out automatically, you are free to edit/delete/add as many new messages as you want to. 
  • Background photos - we provide a default background photo on sign up, but this is one of the only settings that we highly recommend changing.  An exterior shot of a typical home in your market will work best.  An interior shot works as well.    

As you can see, most of this stuff is automated so that our users can start getting leads on day 1 of their trial.

Billing Process

You will be billed until you cancel but it is easy to cancel with us. You can click the cancel link in your account setting. The system will also send out an automated cancellation email confirming that your account was cancelled.  Alternatively you can just email support@homevalueleads.com to cancel your account. Once cancelled you will get a confirmation email - You should receive within a couple of hours during normal business hours. 

Other possible surprises

After signing up for a 14 day trial, the system will "authorize" your credit in an amount that is less than our current monthly price. An authorization is essentially a voided charge.  Since the void happens within seconds, no money ever exchanges hands and the authorization will automatically disappear from your online credit statement before it finishes processing 9 times out of 10.  The 1 time out of 10 that this does not happen is because the way your credit/debit company processes the transaction. In these rare cases, you will see a "charge" and then a "refund" - either way though, no money exchanges hand with this initial line you see on your credit card statement.