What is your cancellation process like?

We understand that every product won't work for every agent. We have a very simple cancellation policy: 

Like most of our  account set up, our cancellation process is also automated so there is no need to worry about being transferred to a customer retention agent that will never end the call or make it impossible to cancel.

After signing up for a trial, you will receive a welcome email containing a number of important account related links, including a link that will immediately cancel your account and send a cancellation confirmation email within minutes of clicking it.

You can also email your request to cancel to  support@homevalueleads.com and your account will be cancelled when someone sees the request which is typically within a couple of hours during normal business hours otherwise first thing the next business day.

Alternatively, you can call our billing voicemail at (818) 457-6722 and leave a voicemail to cancel your account.  You must speak clearly and include as much of the following as possible so we can find your account.

  • Last 4 of your credit card on file
  • The full name of the account holder
  • The full account URL or email address on file

Assuming you give enough identifying account info and speak clearly, your account will be cancelled and a confirmation email will be sent on the same business day. 

No matter how you cancel, you will get a cancellation email. If you do not get the confirmation email, your account has not been cancelled.

Once you have requested cancellation, your site will be taken offline and you will not be charged again. Please make sure you have exported all of your leads prior to canceling.