How does HVL offer support?

During regular official work hours 9-5 PM PST M-F we generally get back to people within an hour.  There is also almost always someone working during evenings and weekends who is qualified to get back to you as well.   

We believe online support is superior to phone support- and here are just a couple of the reasons why:  

We send you links. In almost every single encounter we have with people, we have to provide links. Spelling out, "www......./," can encounter misspelling issues and we would end up having to provide the links via email regardless.  It is so much faster just to click a link too.

We provide directions. We often provide step-by-step directions, even with pictures, which is far superior then explaining via phone.  Also, it can be difficult to follow directions  via phone and we would then have to email you the picture with directions anyways.

Less repetition and more efficient. Online support gives us an opportunity to keep tabs on topics you bring up.  From suggestions to concerns, having a record of it helps us answer you faster too. Also, anyone can answer you.  You don't have to call back and repeat your name, account info, and concern. With an email thread, if the HVL employee you mainly dealt with is at lunch, sick, at home, on vacation, another employee can step up and answer you. You don't have to wait.

Online support saves time.  For the reasons above, online support saves time.  Also, it seems counter intuitive that calling would waste more time, but it can. We might figure out the answer at midnight PST but have to wait until 9AM PST to call you, but by then it could be 12 PM EST. If you are at lunch meeting, you might not hear the voicemail until 1PM.  We would end up emailing you the answer anyways at midnight PST so that you'll see it at whatever time you wake up.  Some of you are up at 4 AM EST.  Saves everyone time just to complete the task online only.  Phone tag isn't a fun game.       

Sometimes we get this from clients via email: "I want to talk to a real person," or "I want to talk to a live person."  No Ventriloquist dolls nor zombies work here. Promise!  A real alive person is answering all your questions online, just not via phone.